5th International Conference on Nanoelectronics, Circuits & Communication Systems(NCCS-2019)


            Dear Sir/Madam,

       We are glad to inform you that IETE & ISVE Ranchi Centre is organizing two days  5th  International Conference on Nano-electronics, Circuits & Communication Systems (NCCS-2019) on 9-10th Nov-2019 at ARTTC, BSNL near Jumar River, Hazaribag Road, Ranchi.


As per request of several authors across the India and abroad conference papers submission date  have been extended till 22nd Oct.2019




       Prospective authors are invited to submit full papers describing original, previously unpublished, complete work (not currently under review by any another conference/ journal) up to six pages in IEEE double column format including figure, results and references. All papers send on conference e-mail:nccs.2019.02@gmail.com, iete.isve.vlsi@gmail.com, ieteranchi@gmail.com, admn.iete.ranchi@gamil.com. Papers will be accepted in word format only. The accepted papers will be published in conference proceedings by reputed international publisher Springer with ISBN number and extended versions of papers will be published in SCOPUS, SCI and some other indexed journals. (Name of Journals: 1-IETE Journal of Research (http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/tijr), 2-IETE Technical Review, 3- JOLPE, 4-IETE Journal of Education, 5-Microsystem Technologies, 6-Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing, 7- IJCA, 8-TELKOMNIKA,  etc ).


NCCS-2019 will includes oral sessions and poster sessions, tutorials, invited talks, keynote address by renowned Scientists, Professors and Industry persons from India and Abroad on topics related to theme of the conference. Original theoretical, practical, experimental, simulations, development, application, measurement, and testing based papers are invited for presentation in the conference. All submitted papers will go through rigorous plagiarism checking, language checking by expert’s reviewers. Details review comments will be sending to communicating authors in the form of Accepted, Accepted with changes, and rejected.


About NCCS-2015: 1st International Conference on Nano-electronics, Circuits & Communication Systems (NCCS-2015) has been organized by ISVE & IETE at ARTTC BSNL Ranchi on 9-10th May-2015. A list of peer reviewed and plagiarism free papers have been accepted & published in SCOPUS book series LNEE (Lecture Notes on Electrical Engineering) of Springer : http://www.isve.in/ContentUploaded/adminisve/file/Final%20Paper%20list%20to%20


%20series%20LNEE.pdf  and you can visit the top class accepted & published articles:  www.springer.com/gp/book/9789811029981 and extended version of papers have been published by SCI Journals: http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s00542-016-2873-8   and some other extended version papers are in queue for publications in above listed journals. NCCS-2015, MCCS-2015, NCCS-2016&MCCS-2017, NCCS-2017 , MCCS-2018 accepted, presented and plagiarism free articles have published by LNEE, Springer and now all articles are available online on Springer website; NCCS-2018 articles are in press; MCCS-2019 articles are under process. For more details you can visit the link: www.isve.in.


Innovation Meet NCCS-2019:

This conference also provides the forum to students, research scholars, faculty members and industry persons to present their innovative models hardware /software. Models will be evaluated by experts committee and selected candidates will be awarded by certificates and  few selected groups will forwared to IETE HQ for awards. Selected groups  plagiarism free articles/models literature will be publish in Scopus journal/book series.


Theme of the Conference: International conference focused on the frontier issues in the Electrical, Electronics, Computer, Communication and Information Technology and their applications in business, academic, industry and other allied areas. This international conference main aim to bring together scientists, researchers, engineers from academia and industry. It will provide an international forum to exchange and share their knowledge, experiences, technological developments, and researches in current trends.


Topics of Conference:

·          Nanoelectronics Devices

·          Micro Electro Mechanical System

·          VLSI Design & IC Technology

·          IC Fabrication and Testing

·          Device, Circuit & Systems

·          CMOS Sensors

·       IC Management

·       System on Chip

·       IC Packaging

·          VLSI for Wireless Communications

·          VLSI for Bioengineering

·          VLSI for Instrumentations

·          VLSI for ESDM

·          Image Processing

·          VLSI Signal Processing  

·          Digital Signal Processing

·          Embedded System

·          Real Time Embedded System

·          Robotics & Applications

·          Electric Power System

·          Hybrid Vehicles

·          Renewable Energy

·          Green Energy

·          Cloud Computing

·          Algorithm Development &  Implantation

·          Computer Networks

·          Intelligent Instrumentation

·          Smart Systems

·       Internet of Things

·          Aerospace Engineering

·          Agricultural Engineering

·          e-Farming

·     ICT Applications

·        Computer Architecture

·     Information Security

·     Knowledge and Data Mining

·     Software Engineering

·     Image Sensing & Processing

·      Brain Computer Interface

·     Parallel, Grid and Cloud Computing

·     Mobile Communication and Computing

·     Adhoc Networks, Pervasive Computing

·     Wireless Sensor Networks

·     Body Sensor Network

·     Sensor Network Applications in Mines

·     Antennae and Diversity

·     EMI & EMC

·     Satellite Communications

·     Fibre Optics Communications 

·     Optical Networks

·     Quantum Dots

·     Bioengineering & Telemedicine

·     RFID & Telemetry Systems

·      Environmetal Science & Engg.

·      Urban Planing

·     Sensors, Actuators & Transducers

   ·    Smart Grids

   ·    Power Generation & Distribution

   ·       Machine Learning

   ·     Chemical Engineering 

   ·      Polymer Engineering

   ·       Chemical & Physical Sciences

   ·        Mechatronics   



Dr. K.T.V. Reddy, President IETE, New Delhi


Dr. A.K.S. Chandele, President IETE, New Delhi

Dr. Ramesh Kumar Pandey, Vice-chancellor, Ranchi University Ranchi

  Dr. K.K. Thakur, CGMT, ARTTC, BSNL, Ranchi

Sh. Ajay Kumar, ARTTC, BSNL Ranchi & Chairman IETE Ranchi

Sh. Vijay Bhushan Pandey, Chairman ISVE Ranchi & Director TERM A1, Dept. of Telecom Ranchi, Jharkhand, India

Dr. J.K. Mandal, Professor, Kalyani University (WB)


Sh. Sanjay Kumar Jha, Past Chairman IETE Ranchi & Executive Engineer Govt. of Jharkhand

Organizing Secretary:

Dr. Anand Kr. Thakur, SSMC RU Ranchi & Honorary Treasurer IETE Ranchi

General Chair:

Dr. Vijay Nath, BIT Mesra Ranchi & Honorary Secretary IETE Ranchi


Dr. Raj Kumar Singh, RU Ranchi & Executive Member IETE Ranchi 


International Advisory Committee:

·   Prof. Bernd Michel, Micro Materials Centre (MMC) Berlin, Germany

·   Prof. Bharath Bhushan, Ohio Eminent Scholar & The Horward D. Winbigler

     Professor, Director NBLL, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio USA

·     Dr. A.A. Khan, Former VC, RU, Ranchi& Fellow Member of IETE New Delhi

·     Dr. M.K. Mishra,  Former VC, BIT Mesra, Ranchi

·     Dr. S. Konar, VC, BIT Mesra, Ranchi

·    Dr. Surendra Pal, Professor & Senior Adviser, Satellite Navigation, ISRO Bangalore

·     Dr. M.S. Kori, Chairman IETE, Technical Program & Publication Committee, New Delhi

·     Sh. R.K. Gupta, Former President, IETE, New Delhi

·     Dr. P.K. Barhai, Former VC, BIT Mesra, Ranchi

·     Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Professor, IIT Roorkee

·     Sh. R. Mishra, Former CMD, HEC, Ranchi

·     Dr. S. N. Verma, Former CMD, Energy Development Corporation, Ltd. Jharkhand

·   Sh. S.C. Thakur, Chief Engineer, Rural Electrification Energy Distribution Corporation  Limited Jh.

·     Dr. D.K. Tiwari, IAS, Chief Secretary Govt. of Jharkhand

·    Sh. Sudhir Tripathi, IAS, Former Chief Secretary Govt. of Jharkhand

·    Sh. Rakesh Sharma, IAS, Secretary Higher Education Govt. of Jharkhand

·   Sh. Vinay Kumar Choubey, IAS,  Former IT Secretary Govt. of Jharkhand and Secrtary Election Commission Govt. of India

·     Sh. Ravindra Kr. Rakesh, Editor, Dainik Bhasker, Jharkhand

·     Sh. Gopal Jha, Journalist, New Delhi

·     Dr. D. K. Mishra, Director NEILIT Ranchi

·     Dr. A.N. Mishra, Former VC, Central University, Jharkhand

·     Dr. A. Chakrabarty, Professor, IIT Kharagpur

·     Dr. B.K. Mishra, Professor, BIT Mesra Ranchi

·     Dr. S. Banerjee, Professor, IIT Kharagpur

·     Dr. Nandita Das Gupta, Professor, IIT Chennai

·     Dr. L.K. Singh, Former Professor, Dr. RML AU, Faizabad

·     Dr. B.S. Rai, Former Professor, MMMUT, Gorakhpur

·     Dr. D. Samathanam,  Former Adviser & Head TDT, DST New Delhi

·     Dr. P. Chakrabarty, Professor, IIT BHU

·     Dr. G. A. Murthy, Scientist-G, DRDO Hyderabad

·      Dr. N. Gupta, Professor, BIT Mesra, Ranchi & Fellow Member of IETE New Delhi

·     Dr. M. Srinivasa, Scientist-G, DRDO Hyderabad

·     Dr. S.C. Bose, Scientist-G, CEERI Pilani

·   Dr. Arokiaswami ALPHONES, Vice–Chairman, IEEE Singapore Section & Professor, NTU Singapore

·   Dr. K. Rajasekhar, Dy. Director General, NIC, DEIT, MoCIT, Govt. of India, Hyderabad

·     Dr. N.V. Kalyankar, Vice-Chancellor, Gondwana University, Maharashtra

·     Dr. R.P. Panda, Professor, VSSUT, Burla, Odessa

·     Dr. Allen Klinger, Professor, University of California

·     Dr. Hisao Ishibuchi, Professor, Osaka Prefecture University, Japan

·     Dr. T.K. Bhattacharya, Professor, IIT Kharagpur

·     Dr. V.R. Gupta, Professor, BIT Mesra, Ranchi  & Fellow Member of IETE New Delhi

·     Dr. M. Chakrabarty, Professor, IIT Kharagpur

·     Dr. A.S. Dhar, Professor, IIT Kharagpur

·     Dr. D.K. Sharma, Professor, IIT Bombay

·     Dr. Swaroop Gosh, Assistant Professor, University of South Florida

·     Dr. S.K. Ghorai, Professor, BIT Mesra, Ranchi & Executive Member of IETE Ranchi

·     Dr. M. Bhuyan, Professor, Tejpur University, Assam

·     Dr. S. Hosimin Thilangar, Associate Professor, Anna University, Chennai

·     Dr. V.N. Mani, Senior Scientist, CMET, Hyderabad

·     Dr. D. Pal, BITS Pilani Goa Campus, Goa

·     Dr. V. Kumar, Professor, ISM Dhanbad

·     Dr. Subir Kumar Sarkar, Professor, Jadavpur University

·     Dr. Abhijit Biswas, Professor, Kolkata University

·     Dr. D.K. Singh, Professor, NIT Patna, Bihar

·     Dr. R. Jayavel, Professor, Anna University, Tamilnadu

·     Dr. Y.S. Chauhan, Associate Professor, IIT Kanpur

·     Dr. Parul Patel Head RESPOND, ISRO Ahmadabad

·     Dr. Vikas Patel, Head SAC ISRO Ahmadabad

·     Dr. Anand Nayyar, Professor, Duy Tan University Vietnam.


National Advisory Committee:

·        Dr. Gaurav Trivedi, Associate Professor, IIT Gwahati.

·        Dr. B.K. Kaushik, Associate Professor, IIT Roorkee

·        Dr. M. Bhaskar, Associate Professor, NIT Tirchy

·        Dr. P. Kumar, Associate Professor, IIT Patna

·        Dr. K.B. Raja, Professor, Bangalore College of Engineering, Bangalore

·      Dr. P.R.Thakura, Professor, BIT Mesra, Ranchi & Executive Member of IETE Ranchi

·       Dr. S. Pal, Professor, BIT Mesra Ranchi 

·        Dr. S.S. Solanki, Professor, BIT Mesra, Ranchi

·        Dr. Mahesh Chandra, Professor, BIT Mesra, Ranchi & Executive Member of IETE Ranchi

·        Dr. S. Kumar, Asso. Professor, BIT Mesra, Ranchi & Executive Member of IETE Ranchi

·        Dr. D.K. Malik, Associate Professor, BIT Mesra, Ranchi

·        Dr. K.K. Senapati, Assistant Professor, BIT Mesra, Ranchi

·        Dr. K.K. Patnaik, Associate Professor, IIIT Gwalior

·        Dr. M. Goswami, Associate Professor, IIIT Allahabad

·        Dr. Lallan Yadav, Professor, DDU University Gorakhpur

·        Dr. S. Chakrabarty, Professor, BIT Mesra, Ranchi

·        Dr. D. Devraj , Professor, Kalasalingam University, Tamilnadu

·        Dr. J.S. Roy, Professor, KIIT Bhubaneswar

·       Dr. N.K. Kamila, Professor, CV Raman College of Engg, Bhubaneswar, Orissa

·        Dr. B.K. Ratha, Professor, Utkal University, Odessa

·        Dr. A. Srinivasulu, Professor, Vignan’s University, Andhra Pradesh

·        Dr. Manish Prateek, Professor, Petroleum University, Dehradun

·        Dr. Vijay Laxmi,  Professor, BIT Mesra, Ranchi

·        Dr. V.K. Jha, Associate Professor, BIT Mesra, Ranchi

·        Dr. N. Chattoraj, Associate Professor, BIT Mesra, Ranchi

·        Dr. S. K. Vishwakerma, Associate Professor, IIT Indore

·        Dr. R.K. Lal, Associate Professor, BIT Mesra, Ranchi

·      Dr. Anandi, Associate Professor, Dept of ECE, Ramaiah Institute of Technology ,Bangalore

·      Dr. Shylashree N, Associate professor, Dept. Of ECE  RVCE Bengaluru-59 KARNATAKA

·     Sh. Pramod Bhagawat Borole, Associate Professor, Veermata Jijabai Technical Institute Mumbai

·      Dr. Vivekanand Mishra, Professor, Vadi Vihar Science College, UC Shah University Surendranagar, Gujrat, India

·     Sh.Samuel Tensingh, 2B,AG-113, Divya Nilayam Riverview colony, Anna nagar,Chennai - 600040.

  Technical Programme Committee:

·        Dr. J.K. Mandal, Professor, Kalyani University, WB

·        Dr. Kota Solomon Raju, Scientist-F, CEERI Pilani

·        Dr. Amalin Prince, Assistant Professor, BITS Pilani Goa Campus

·        Dr. Manish Mishra, Associate Professor, DDU University Gorakhpur

·        Dr. J. B. Sharma, Associate Professor, Rajasthan Technical University, Kota.

·        Dr. Umesh Yadav, Professor, DDU University, Gorakhpur

·        Dr. Prabir Saha, Assistant Professor, NIT Meghalaya

·        Dr. S.P. Tiwari, Assistant Professor, IIT Jodhpur

·        Dr. S. N. Shukla, Professor, Dr.RML Avadh University, Faizabad

·        Dr. B.N. Sinha,  Associate Professor, SSMC, Ranchi

·        Dr. V. S. Rathore, Assistant Professor, BIT Mesra, Ranchi

·        Dr. S.R. Vishwakerma, Professor, Dr. RML Avadh University, Faizabad

·        Dr. P.K. Upadhyay, Assistant Professor, IIT Indore

·        Dr. Sweta Srivastva, Professor, JIIT, Noida

·        Dr. Manish Kumar, Associate Professor, MMMUT, Gorakhpur

·        Dr. A. Arokiasamy, Professor, EGSEC, Nagappattinum

·        Dr. S. Sriram, Associate Professor, Sastra University, Tamilanadu

·        Dr. P. Pal, Assistant Professor, BIT Mesra Ranchi

·        Dr. Sudip Kumar Sahana, Assistant Professor, BIT Mesra Ranchi


Joint Secretary:

·        Prof. D. Acharya, ISTM Kolkata

·        Dr. Rajeev Ranjan, ISM, Dhanbad

·        Dr. Amritanjali, BIT Mesra Ranchi

·        Prof. Amar Prakash Sinha, BIT Sindri

·        Dr. Sanchita Paul, BIT Mesra Ranchi

·        Prof. Jayant Pal, NIT, Agarpara, Kolkata

·        Dr. Adesh Kumar, Petroleum University, Dehradun

·        Prof. J. Dinesh Reddy, BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore

·        Prof. N. Srinivasa Rao, BMS College of Engineering, Bangalore

·        Dr. P. Kumar, CIT Ranchi

·        Prof. A. K. Pandey, Usha Martin University, Ranchi

·        Sh. Dipayan Gosh, Executive Member ISVE & GM Aircel Kolkata

·        Sh. D. Prasad, BIT Mesra Ranchi

·        Sh. R.K. Kundu, Executive Member ISVE &  GM IBM Bangalore

·        Prof. G. S. Gupta,  BIT Mesra Ranchi & Co-opted Member IETE Ranchi

·        Prof. G.K. Mishra, BIT Mesra Ranchi & Co-opted Member IETE Ranchi

·        Prof. Sumit Srivastava, BIT Mesra Ranchi

·        Prof. Jyoti Singh, Joint Secretary, ISVE Ranchi

·        Prof. Kumari Mamta Singh, Executive Member IETE Ranchi

 ·      Sh. Bidyut Mahto, IIT ISM Dhanbad


·        Dr. Anand Kumar Thakur, Honorary Treasurer IETE Ranchi

·        Smt. Saroj, Honorary Treasurer ISVE Ranchi

·        Sh. S.K. Saw, Executive Member ISVE & Treasurer NCCS-2019


 About ARTTC, Ranchi:- This is a Advanced Regional Telecom Training Centre of BSNL. It is 12 Km from Ranchi Railway station and 16 Km from Ranchi Airport. Ranchi is surrounded by hills, waterfalls, forests, and the other places of scenic beauty. Ranchi has a pleasant weather throughout the year. It is well connected by road, rail and air routes with all the major cities of India. The nearest airport and the railway station are in Ranchi. It has regular flight connectivity with New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Patna.


About ISVE & IETE: ISVE is non profitable registered society dedicated to serve the nation. It makes a bridge between industry and academia for organizing the workshops, summer/winter schools, short term courses, conferences, symposiums and seminars by which students, research scholars, faculties and scientists come together, work together and share their knowledge in recent development in engineering, science & technology[www.isve.in]. The IETE is the National Apex Professional body of Electronics and Telecommunication, Computer and IT Professionals. The IETE focuses on advancement of the Science and Technology of Electronics, Telecommunication, Computers, Information Technology and related areas. Towards this end the Institution promotes and conducts basic engineering and continuing technical education programmes for human resource development. Both are together committed to innovative reseacrh, publications in recent trends in electronics & communication engineering[www.ieteranchi.org]/[www.iete.in].



1.      Registration fee includes conference kit, breakfast, lunch, dinner and accommodation charges for two days.

2.      Please download the Registration Form from the mail-attachment/website and send scan copy of filled Registration Form with NEFT receipt through e-mail for early registration. A/C Name: INDIAN SOCIETY FOR VLSI EDUCATION, A/C Number: 01670110061831, IFSC Code: UCBA0000167, Bank: UCO Bank, Branch: Mesra Ranchi, Address: BIT Main Building Mesra, Dist: Ranchi, State: Jharkhand, Contact No: 0651-2275829.


A/C Name: I.E.T.E. Ranchi Centre, A/C Number: 31048137361, IFSC Code: SBIN0006951, Bank: State Bank of India, Branch: Harmu Housing Colony (Ranchi),  PO: Harmu, Dist: Ranchi, State: Jharkhand. 


Categories of Delegates


20th Oct. 2019

Indian Rs



20th Oct. 2019

Indian Rs





Industry Special / Academia Special / Scientist Special




Industry / Scientists  








Students (PG)




Students (UG)








Other than Corresponding Author




Model Presentations









3.      5% discount who will not be avail the accommodation & kit facility/ member of IETE/ISVE. Please inform before the conference & send your membership proof with your registration form details. For stay before /after the conference required to pay Rs.2000/- per day including lunch, dinner and breakfast with reistration fees.

4.   A person who required special facility for publication and stay (AC Room) 

      please opt the Industry/Academia Special. 


Important Dates: 



 Important Schedule:

Conference Schedule

Old Scheduled date

   Extended date

Paper Submission Open

15th  May 2019

 15th  May 2019

Last Date for Paper/ book chapter Submission

15th  July 2019

22nd  Oct. 2019

Acceptance Notification to Author

15th  Aug. 2019

24th  Oct. 2019

Registration date

15th  Sept. 2019

   26th  Oct. 2019

Camera Ready Paper

30th  Sept. 2019

  30th  Oct. 2019

Conference date

9-10th  Nov. 2019

9-10th  Nov. 2019



Accommodations will be providing in BSNL Guest House, near Jumar River, Hazaribag Road, Ranchi and in some other Hotels in Ranchi for two days. Accommodation details will be communicated to the participants after his/her acceptance of papers and papers registration.


Sponsorship Opportunities:

        We welcome sponsorship from companies and organizations who wish to show case their products and services and have the opportunities of networking with academics and practitioners in the field.  With a truly global audience the conference provides an excellent opportunity for you to show your support for ongoing research and academic excellence by being involved with such important event. Academic institutions may choose to use sponsorship as a vehicle to promote their Masters and Ph.D. programmes.  We also welcome sponsorship of specific activities in the conference programme. We believe that sponsoring a conference provides a superb vehicle to showcase your commitment to academic excellence and pursuit of knowledge. Your company will benefit from interaction with a highly focused, motivated, engaged and respective audience in a relaxed environment.  


Sponsorship Type and Facility


Rs. 50000/-


    Rs. 35000/-


     Rs. 20000/-


     Rs. 10000/-

Acknowledge at all events





Complementary booth space





List of sponsored displayed on conference webpage





Demo slot/Advertisement

20 Min

15 Min

10 Min

5 Min

Logo in proceeding and distributed to all authors





Memento & Standee Logo





Banner displayed during conference





Complementary conference Registrations with Kit






Organizing Secretary

Dr. Anand K. Thakur

5th International Conference on Nano-electronics, Circuits & Communication Systems (NCCS-2019)

ARTTC, BSNL, Near Jumar River Bridge,

Hazaribag Road, Ranchi-835217, Jharkhand, India

Honorary Treasurer IETE Ranchi Centre

Tele No. 0651-2273260, 8877101225  

E-mail: iete.isve.vlsi@gmail.com, nccs.2019.02@gmail.com




Dr. Raj Kumar Singh

5th International Conference on Nano-electronics, Circuits & Communication Systems (NCCS-2019)

ARTTC, BSNL, Near Jumar River Bridge,

Hazaribag Road, Ranchi-835217, Jharkhand, India

Executive Member, IETE Ranchi Centre

Tele No. 0651-2273260, 9431359955  

E-mail: iete.isve.vlsi@gmail.com, nccs.2019.02@gmail.com,



General Chair_NCCS-2019

Dr. Vijay Nath

VLSI Design Group

Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

Birla Institute of Technology Mesra Ranchi-835215

Jharkhand India

Honorary Secretary IETE Ranchi Centre

Tele No. 0651-2275242, 9973886214

E-mail: vijaynath@bitmesra.ac.in, nccs.2019.02@gmail.com,


1. Registration Form

2. Copyright Form

3. Program Schedule NCCS-2019

4. Souvenir_NCCS-2019



A photograph during lighting lamp of MCCS-2018

 A group photograph of MCCS-2018 in inaugural session

A group photograph duirng Innovative Model presentation in presence of President IETE New Delhi

Dr. B. Achrya NIT Raipur getting presentation certificate from Technical Session Chairman Prof. J.K. Mandal

A group photograph of MCCS-2017 of inaugural session

A group photograph of MCCS-2017 Valedictory session