Certification Course on Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning and Internet of Things (CCAMI-2022)

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are glad  to inform you that IETE & ISVE Ranchi with Finland Lab in Association with NSS IIT Roorkee and infrastructure support of ARTTC BSNL Ranchi are organizing 5 days Summer Training on Internet of Things(IoT-2020)  at ARTTC BSNL Hazaribag  Road Ranchi from 26-30th June 2020. We request you all, please circulate this notice among your Diploma/B.Sc./BCA/ BBA/ B. Tech / M.Sc. / M. Tech. students/ research scholars/ faculty members/scientists/ Industry persons, and nominate them from your premier institute for participations in IoT-2020. Training will be provided by the Expert of Finland Lab in association with NSS IIT Roorkee. For the training you must carry your laptop by which you can upload the required software on your system and effectively work on given IoT kits. Program details, registration details, and accommodation details are given below:-

5 Days Summer Training on Internet of Things(IoT-2020):

Day 1

Introduction to IOT 

· What is IOT?

· Basics of IOT

· IOT in home automation

· IOT Industrial Applications

· How large is the IOT Market

· Latest updates in the IOT industry.

· Available IOT alliances details and the standards that are getting evolved

· Multiple IOT applications and solutions available in market

· Multiple IOT platform (hardware) example Ras-pi, Arduino,etc., comparison and usage Introduction to Arduino

· What is ARDUINO?

· What is Open Source Microcontroller Platform?

· Basics of Electronics

· Sensors and Actuators, Hands-on with Arduino

· Fundamentals of C programming

· About Arduino IDE (Your First Arduino Sketch)

· Digital Output as LED glow

· Digital Input Using Switch

· Control Output using Digital Input Sensors Interfacing

· Serial Input & Serial Output

· Analog Input & Analog Output

· What is Sensor & Actuator?

· Sensor Feature.

· Types of sensors

· Interfacing Sensor with Arduino

Day 2

Wifi Module

· Introduction to Esp8266

· Interfacing of Arduino with ESP8266

· Introduction to Attention Commands for internet access

· Connect with WiFi network

· Access the IP address assigned to ESP8266 and arduino

· Implementaion of IOT

· Create a local server using arduino

· What are cloud Servers

· Cloud computing and IOT

· Popular Cloud Servers

· Cloud platform introduction

· Creating Channel for live data feed

· Program arduino to read and update sensor data over cloud Thingspeak apps

· Connect temperature and humidity sensor

· Continuously monitor sensor reading through internet

· Link your Twitter account with Cloud Server

· Generate API and program arduino

· How to tweet using Arduino

· Get sensor data over twitter Verify the Sensor data over cloud and analyse them Creating Twitter App on Thing Speak

· How to create apps on Thing Speak?

· Create a twitter API

· Trigger an action of twitting through Arduino

Day 3

Communication Protocol

· What is broker?

· What are pub and sub?

· Mosquito Broker

· MQTT protocol


· Installation of Mosquito to make a system as broker

· Access IP address of broker Node Red

· What is node red?

· How node red can be used to control IOT devices

· Install Node Red in your Machine

· Create apps through Node Red

· Program ESP Module to be controlled through Node RED apps Relay control and Home Automation

· Controlling Relay using Arduino output

· Connecting AC devices with arduino via relay Understanding Some more Sensors

· Ultrasonic Sensor

· Mechanism of Ultrasonic Sensor

· Program arduino and interface ultrasonic sensor

· Measure distance using ultrasonic sensor

Day 4

Update reading and controlling

· Update ultrasonic sensor reading over cloud

· Turn WiFi Module as Station

· Connect some devices through WiFi in the given network

· Program arduino to receive command as static I.P address

· Control devices connected to arduino from address bar of web browser AWS IOT (Amazon Web Services) Install the AWS CLI Create a Device in the Thing Registry Secure Communication between a Device and AWS IoT Verify MQTT Subscribe and Publish Configure and Test Rules Use the Device Registry & Shadows Device Registry Security and Identity

· Identity in AWS IoT

· Authorization Message Broker

· Protocols

· Topics Rules

· Granting AWS IoT the Required Access

· Creating an AWS IoT Rule

· Viewing & Deleting Your Rules

· AWS IoT Rule Actions

 Day 5

AWS IoT SQL Reference
· Expressions


· Functions & JSON Extensions

· Substitution Templates Device Shadows

· Device Shadows Data Flow

· Device Shadows Documents

· Using Device Shadows

· MQTT Pub/Sub Messages

· Document Syntax & Error Messages AWS IoT SDKs

· Device SDK

· AWS IoT Device SDK for C

· AWS IoT Device SDK for Node.js Troubleshooting

· Diagnosing Connectivity Issues

· Setting Up Cloud Watch Logs Diagnosing Rules Issues Project Development Doubt Clearing Concept Recap 5-Days IoT Hands on Project details 1. Digital Output for Arduino 2. Interfacing Digital Switch 3. Integrating Sensors & Reading Environmental Physical Values. 4. Using Ultrasonic Sensor for distance measurement 5. Home Automation Project 6. Create a localhost server 7. Use Arduino to Upload free data from Environmental Sensors to Cloud Server. 8. Automatically Tweet Sensor Data on Twitter. 9. Control Home devices from web browser 10.ESP8266 Controlled with Android App 11.Creating Node Red app for controlling 12. Using AWS Cloud for our devices

   Eligibility for IoT-2020:




26-30th  June 2020 

Qualifications & fees

Diploma/B.Sc. /BCA/ BBA/ B.Tech./M.Sc.



Industry persons

Before 15th May 2020

5 days





 After 15th  May 2020

5 days





   Spot Registration

5 days







1.     Interested candidate can send scan copy of NEFT and filled Registration Form through e-mail: iot.2020.05@gmail.com for IoT-2020 and copy to iete.isve.vlsi@gmail.com for early bird registration.

2.   IETE& ISVE will provide free Course Materials.

3.     5% Discount of Girls Candidate & Member of IETE & ISVE

4.  Registration will be on first come first serve basis, limited seats are available in IoT-2020.

5.   Please download separate Registration Form from the mail-attachment/website and send scan copy of filled Registration Form with NEFT receipt through e-mail: iot.2020.05@gmail.com for IoT-2020 and  copy to iete.isve.vlsi@gmail.com for early bird registration. A/C Name: INDIAN SOCIETY FOR VLSI EDUCATION, A/C Number: 01670110061831, IFSC Code: UCBA0000167, Bank: UCO Bank, Branch: Mesra Ranchi, Address: BIT Main Building Mesra, Dist: Ranchi, State: Jharkhand, Contact No: 0651-2275829; 0651-2275829.    OR

      A/C Name: I.E.T.E. Ranchi Centre, A/C Number: 31048137361, IFSC Code: SBIN0006951, Bank: State Bank of India, Branch: Harmu Housing Colony (Ranchi),  PO: Harmu, Dist: Ranchi, State: Jharkhand.

6.  Registration Last Date is  15.05.2020.

7.  Please download registration form for IoT-2020 here:Registration Form

Accommodation: Accommodations are provided in BSNL Guest House, Near Jumar River Ranchi on self payment basis @Rs.500/- per day for students, @Rs.600/- per day for faculties, @Rs.700/- per day for Industry people including Lunch, Dinner & Breakfast. Participants are also free to book his/her accommodations in the city. Interested candidates pay their accommodation charges in advance with his/her registration fees otherwise may be problem of accommodation in BSNL guest house. And in the city accommodation charges is more than Rs.2000/- per day per bed. 

About the ARTTC BSNL Ranchi

It is 12 Km from Ranchi railway station &25 Km from Ranchi airport. This is well equipped national level training centre. Ranchi is surrounded by hills, waterfalls, forests, and the other places of scenic beauty. Ranchi is the pleasant weather throughout the year. It is well connected by road, rail and air route with all the major cities of the country. It has regular flight connectivity with New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Patna, Bangalore and Chennai. 

  Yours sincerely

Organizing Committee

5 Days Summer Training on Internet of Things (IoT-2020)

ARTTC BSNL Ranchi-835217 (JH) India

 Student Coordinators:

1.    Mr. Aditya Nath , Mob.9973886217, E-mail: aditya.iot.ranchi@gmail.com

2.    Mr. Rajnish Kumar, Mob.9005080515

Faculty Coordinators:

1.    Sh. K.K. Thakur,

Chairman IETE Ranchi & Retd. CGMT BSNL Jharkhand Circle Ranchi-835217

2.     Sh. Ajay Kumar

 Governing Council Member IETE New Delhi & Immediate Past Chairman IETE Ranchi



Photographs of Prevous Program organized by IETE, ISVE & ARTTC BSNL Ranchi