ISVE-International Journal of Microsystems and IoT (IJMIT)


Welcome to International Journal of Microsystems and IoT (IJMIT). It is peer reviewed journal published by Indian Society for VLSI Education (ISVE) Ranchi, India. This journal has started on 3rd April 2023 and it is a monthly publishing high quality peer reviewed journal. This journal will publish 12 issues per year. One volume will contain 12 issues. It publishes scientific and technical articles describing original research work,  novel product, process, algorithm development etc. As per requirement the special issue are brought out on new and emerging areas of research.

International Journal of Microsystems and IoT  is an online platform for researchers so that they can collaborate and can provide innovative solutions to society. It's an online peer-reviewed international journal which publishes articles in all area the fields of Microsystems and Internet of Things. 

ISVE-IJMIT is an English Language Journal of Multidisciplinary fields of Microsystems and Internet of Things published in India. It is an international forum for scientists and engineers in all aspects of Microsystems and Internet of Things to publish high quality and referred papers. The papers for publication in IJMIT are selected through rigorous peer reviews to ensure originality, timeliness, relevance, and readability.

ISVE-IJMIT provides many benefits, all geared toward strengthening research skills and advancing academic careers. Journal publications are a vital part of academic career advancement. IJMIT aims to publish high-quality papers with a specific focus on learning within their specified focus areas in science, engineering and technologies that is accessible to educators, researchers and academicians as per their interest. 

This journal is useful for students, research scholars, engineers, scientists, professors, managers, technocrats, stake holders and other professionals who are interested in keeping a track of original ideas, research and development work being carried out in the areas of science, engineering and technologies which  comes under  Microsystems & Internet of Things.

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